When you’re itching to get behind the wheel of a new car, you’ve got a lot of hard choices to make. The ones you think will be hard — the make and model, trim levels, and features — often turn out to be the least of your worries. Whether to buy or take on an SUV lease in NYC, on the other hand, brings lots of folks up short. Leasing Direct makes a hard choice easier. 

When to Lease

It should come as no surprise that we’re big proponents of leasing. It’s right there in our name! And it’s true that leasing comes with a host of advantages, including a lower up-front investment, less cash down to get low monthly payments, and a lot fewer headaches. After all, resale and trade-in values are the dealer’s problem, not yours. Leasing also works out well when you want all the bells and whistles of a higher trim level without breaking the bank.

When to Buy

As good as leasing is, there are still times when it’s a good idea to buy. There are car lease penalties if you go over your mileage allowance, so if you’ve got a long commute or a penchant for road trips, you’ll have to be careful. Likewise, leasing an SUV so you can go off-road, or thinking you can modify a hatchback for looks or speed, can leave you on the wrong end of wear and tear penalties. Other cases, like using your car for a ride share service, can result in a double whammy!

A Hard Choice Made Easier

Sometimes thinking over your driving habits and needs leads you to an obvious choice. Other times it’s more complicated. If that’s the boat you find yourself in, call or visit Leasing Direct, your auto broker in Brooklyn. We’ll help you see the big picture to make the choice easier. We serve the five boroughs from our convenient location at 160 Empire Blvd in Brooklyn, NY.